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Mon Plaisir is London’s oldest French restaurant, has been a purveyor of the finest French cuisine for over half a century.


The entente cordiale hits you as you enter and the French atmosphere is as thick as the waiters’ French accents. You will find yourself surrounded by wonderfully original French artefacts. The restaurant is the opposite of fancy, but has been a favourite with the French food connoisseur since the 1940s.

Why go?

🥖 They serve French classics, from omelette to tartiflette

🇫🇷 A little bit of France in London

🍷 Great wine list of course...


Asymmetric Black Dress from COS

We are totally in love with this versatile and super chic asymmetric dress. In black, it's a great piece for business meetings and dinner dates. It pink it's a bold piece for a wedding or cheerful function.

With 65% cotton, it's breathable and suitable even for warmer days.

Flatting for many body shapes, it's a keeper.

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This product might just change your life.

nuud is a vegan anti-odorant that is magically effective for 3-7 days. I couldn't quite believe it, but tested it and it works for me, although truth be told I am still a bit suspicious and keep asking my partner if he can smell me. He can't.

Try it out. 


 exhibiting in Berlin

New play at National theatre about Gareth Southgate (the coach of the English national team) and how he manager a team to not let fear stand in the way and learn how to both win and lose.


"One of the best plays I have seen at the National in a long time, Joseph Fiennes is outstanding as is the actor who plays Harry Kane. You don’t need to like or know anything about football but simply be interested in team dynamics." - Lauren Radford, London.

📍 National Theatre, London, UK

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Eléngé and Yard + Parish

Eléngé by Carine Moko (on the left in the photo)

We were recently introduced to the wonderful Carine, founder of sustainable beauty brand Eléngé. Her personal story is inspiring, she is totally #gracefullyBOLD. But personality aside, let's look at the work she is doing: Her shear butter products and coffee scrubs are designed for delicate skin. The design is super, done by her supportive husband. What can I say? The two are a dream team. 


Her products are not just great for you, but also make a nice gift for someone. Shop local and sustainable and support a female entrepreneur.


Find out more


This platform for sustainable Black-owned brands brings the best of fashion, beauty, and interior to you - whatever your skin colour! We totally love the concept and we wholeheartedly back the two fantastic female co-founders Alesha Bailey and Samantha Newell.


Find out more

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