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Be part of the inner circle!

We are excited to announce the launch of our Leaders' Circle!
Be part of a group of five outstanding women that meet regularly in facilitated online sessions. This Leaders' Circle will be the game change for your professional trajectory and will provide the continuity and care you need to succeed.
Through this small, tight-knit group of inspiring women you'll all forge deep, trusting relationships, and it provides a confidential resource you can rely on unconditionally for honest insight and perspective.

Why join?
With only five spaces available, this exclusive online programme offers a unique opportunity for you to connect with like-minded professional women in a regular and trusted setup: 

  • Gain clarity and insights

  • Overcome challenges and mindset hurdles

  • Share your expertise and insights

  • Build your trusted tribe of inspiring women

What's so special about the Leaders' Circle?

  • Outstanding peer group 

  • Intimate, confidential, and supportive environment

  • Access to peer-support and best practice insights

  • A fun and inspiring way to focus on your professional development

  • Trusted format for enhanced accountability. Zero excuses!

The Leaders' Circle will launch in April and we're now accepting registrations of interest for an upcoming information session.

Don't miss out on the chance to join the #riseBOLDLY Leaders' Circle and take your career to new heights.

#rise BOLDLY.

Register your interest now to secure your spot!

Thanks! We will send you an email with the details of the informative session. See you soon!

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