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Vivien Bresson

Vivien Bresson

Vivien Bresson, CEO and founder of Scarlett Panda.

  • Location: Singapore 

  • Title: CEO 

  • Company: Scarlett Panda 

  • Sector: Edtech 

  • Degree: Master in Ecommerce, France

How does your usual day look like?

I wake up around 7am, we take turn with my husband on who goes to the gym and who is taking our daughter to her preschool, depending on this I’ll be ready working between 8.30am and 9.30am with a fresh iced coffee.

I’m pretty productive in the mornings, I usually avoid having meetings up until 11am and rather spend the first hours of my day assessing data from the previous day’s performance and building strategic plans to know what to tackle next. I also create a 3 + 2 to do list (3 is what I have to accomplish today no matter what, 2 are optional depending on how the day will go). I need to have at least one task that is bullish and likely to make a difference, there can’t be days without impact.

I have lunch with my partner, usually something healthy so I can indulge easily in the evening and after that, I concentrate most of my meetings (Asia and Europe) in the afternoon. I try to close all open topic around 5 (send any follow-ups, making sure that the team knows what to do etc.) and then I’ll make sure I finish all of the 3 main tasks I’ve created in the morning).

After that, we pick up our daughter and have dinner as a family or with friends. If needed, I’ll have US based calls after dinner and then switch the light off around 11pm.

What are the things you like the most about your job?

The freedom and the ability to be in charge as well as building a culture that fits my values. For a long time, I’ve seen myself following other’s direction, fighting imposter syndrome. This is over, I love being in the driver’s seat and have confidence in my instincts.

What are some of the skills you utilise the most in your day-to-day?

My ability to iterate and strategize using experience but listening to others and learning from them. Being agile and fast paced permits the company to move fast and efficiently.

What was one of your happiest days in your career and why?

I believe it was probably building amazing team events with the various teams I’ve built through the years. Seeing smart people getting together and having a nice time, laughing brings a lot of pride as a leader.

What was the toughest career decision you ever made?

Leaving a leadership role and my team and becoming a consultant instead to “hibernate” and take the time to reflect on the directions we are taking.

How did you get to become a CEO?

The hard way :-)

Customer service agent => Student => SEO freelancer to support the studies => Paid media manager (agency side) => Senior paid media manager (inhouse in a big company) => Head of paid media => Head of performance marketing in a different company => Head of marketing => CMO => CMO and CCO in a difference company => CEO of my own company

What's the one piece of career advice you have for anyone interested in following your foodsteps?

Just do it and surround yourself with the right people to advise you.

What's your number one productivity hack / when or how are you most effective?

Listen to yourself, you can be tired, you can struggle to focus but adapt what you do to your energy levels and your moods. There are moments that are just more productive than others and that is okay, you can still make the most of it.

What makes you gracefullyBOLD?

I have confidence in the future and therefore I am not risk averse.

How do you spend your weekends or downtimes?

We hike a lot with our daughter and my husband also loves travelling to south east asia. I’m trying to spend as much time as possible in nature but if we are stuck in the city, I also enjoy culinary experiences.

How do you deal with stress and build resilience?

The gym and weight lifting definitely help with managing stress, I would also add the occasional squash. Resilience is more about listening to how you feel but also knowing that the negativity that you might experience will pass and should not define you, your mindset will switch, it just takes a little bit of time.

What would have been your alternative career path or alternative University degree?


One word answers & quick fire round. Let's go!

  • Your superpower: Stopping time.

  • Favourite restaurant: Il était une oie (Paris).

  • Favourite fashion brand: Burberry.

  • Favourite beauty product: Chanel lipstick.

  • Favourite perfume: Flower by Kenzo.

  • Book recommendation: The culture map by Erin Meyer - probably key to my career’s success.

  • Next holiday destination: Vietnam, New Zealand, Taiwan… Who knows?

  • Your hobby: Travelling and eating (at the same time).

  • Who inspires you: My husband, my daughter and… Taika Waititi

  • Perfect guest list for a dinner party: Taika, Hugh Grant, Phoebe Walter Bridge and tom Holland.

Thank you Vivien for sharing your journey & wisdom with us!

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