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Day in the Life Collection

Career Stories of #gracefullyBOLD women.

Photo of Judith Codling

Judith Codling

Judith is a Director of Client Services at ZEDRA. She has shown incredible resilience, adaptability, and curiosity in her career. Read more to learn how Judith structures her day, life, and career - and why sometimes taking a step back and help the long-term career trajectory.

Photo of Marion Le Bruchec

Marion Le Bruchec

Marion is Sales Manager at Moody's leading a team of eight people. Read more to learn how she made a non-linear career path her success.

Photo of Olivia Kager

Olivia Kager

Olivia is a VP at Kyowa Kirin a Japanese pharmaceutical company. She studied Medicine but eventually moved into the pharma space. She's based in Zug, Switzerland and her interview is full of inspiring tips of how to life a balanced life, while being a strong performer well.

Photo of Nataliia Pelykh

Nataliia Pelykh

Nataliia is a Senior Value Advisor at Zscaler - a Cybersecurity company. Resilience is her middle name. Dive into her inspiring story and learn how she remains to be the hard-working optimist. She just recently relocated to Amsterdam.

Photo of Nikki Trott

Nikki Trott

Meet Nikki. She's a strategic advisor, investor, and podcaster. She started her career in the fashion industry and was holding high-flying roles that brought her to work with leading brands all over the world. She has a small daughter, lives abroad, runs three companies, is super kind, calm, and highly productive.

Photo of Natasha Percy-Baxter

Natasha Percy-Baxter

Meet Natasha. She's a business owner and financial advisor. She started her career in publishing. Fast forward a few years, in the midst of lockdown and after soul-searching, she found her true professional calling and has been excelling ever since.

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