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Tights from HEDOÏNE

There is literally only one brand of tights I will ever slip on. Not just because I know the two female founders, not just because lots of famous people are wearing them too - no, it's because they actually are the best.


This luxury tight brand is 5 years old and has grown from strength to strength. You might think a pair is expensive - it couldn't be further from the truth.


Buy once. Last forever. That's luxury!

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Hedoine tights.png


How to have a beautiful Mind.jpeg

Give your mind a makeover with the power of creative thinking.


Edward de Bono was one of the influential thinker and we love this book of his that helps you to understand that beauty comes from within.


All you need is creativity, empathy, and a good dose of imagination to cultivate a beautiful mind.

Ditch botox and all the other beauty treatments, invest in what matters: A beautiful mind!

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We fell in love with the Yuka App. And it's free to although I am seriously considering donating to keep that wonder alive!


Yuka deciphers product labels and analyses the health impact of food products and cosmetics.


That helps you live a healthier life and make better choice when it comes to food and cosmetics. Genius free app that works with a similar bar code scanner.


Warning: it's addictive :-)  


Sir Grayson Perry's solo exhibition 

This cross-dressing Turner prize winning artist is known for his thought-provoking pottery.


'Thought-provoking pottery'?


What's that? Check out the video link below so you get a better understanding of it. Grayson is a genius who is funny and able to bring difficult themes of identity, gender, class, and contemporary culture to life.


Check out his solo exhibition at the Royal Scottish Gallery in Edinburgh - must see! And if you are nowhere near, check out Grayson's video tour of the exhibition. 


Video tour

📍 Royal Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh, UK

Sir Grayson Perry.png
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