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Marie-Theres Grasberger

Marie-Theres Grasberger

Marie-Theres Grasberger is a Head of Growth and Partnerships

  • Location: London, UK 

  • Title: Head of Growth and Partnerships Organisational name: LUMIFAI GmbH 

  • University degree: MA in Media and Communications from Trieste University, Italy; and MA in Communication and Media Studies, University of Augsburg

How does your usual day look like?

Every day for me looks a bit different. My alarm is set so that I can always get enough quality sleep to be productive. After waking up and getting some cold water in my face, I prepare a cup of coffee, open my laptop, check messages and emails. As I am a freelancer and fully remote, I work from wherever I am, can be at home, in a coffee shop or on a train ride. Besides checking my work tasks, I am also using LinkedIn intensively to stay up to date, connect with relevant people or research companies and topics I am interested in.

I am well organised and always know what I want to work on and have my To Do list open to check and prioritise accordingly.

As a freelancer I enjoy the flexibility of working hours which enable me to get things done fast and efficient. As I support start-ups and businesses in sales and marketing on their growth journey, I am working on different tasks depending on the current situation and needs. This requires to constantly learn, try out new things, use connections and knowledge and reflect and evaluate throughout the process.

After 3 to 4 hours of work, I usually take a break and have lunch. I try to prepare food at home and eat consciously without interruptions. As my energy usually drops a bit in the afternoon, I often go out for a walk to grab a coffee and get some fresh air and movement. My favourite afternoon coffee shop is Gails in Southbank in London.

My workday ends when my tasks are done. This can be at 5pm or at 8pm. When I travel or want to seize the day differently, I choose to rather work in the evening or night, depending on my private schedule and the tasks to do. In between I regularly schedule Yoga classes or coffee dates with interesting people.

What are the things you like the most about your job?

The freedom and flexibility I have about organising myself and the work I do. I also find it very beneficial that as a freelancer, I tend to have less internal meetings, less distraction and less office politics compared to my previous corporate job as I used to have in my old corporate job. This means I I get my work done faster and have more free time for my private life. I also like to learn constantly and be confronted with new tasks and businesses and clients.

What are some of the skills you utilise the most in your day-to-day at work?

I utilise a lot my organisation skills to know what I should be doing and to prioritise well. Moreover, I need more self-discipline to get things done being home alone with less supervision or guidance from a direct manager. Another skill is to communicate well, connect with the right people and to use my network to find new jobs, projects, and clients to work for.

What was one of your happiest days in your career and why?

The happiest days in my career are strongly linked to work events such as annual kick-off trips, meetings with colleagues or fairs where I can network, learn, and get inspired by others. Highlights have been my introduction week in New York and my first Sales Kick-Off event with my ex-company. On both occasions I could connect with amazing people from all over the world, who had different background, and knowledge to learn from.

What was the toughest career decision you ever made?

To quit my former safe corporate well-paid job to travel and work as a freelancer on my own terms. This was back in 2021 and and no regrets since 😊

What is something you had to learn to become better at your work?

To manage my energy and to take enough breaks to avoid burn-out.

How did you get to become a Freelancer working in a high-profile role?

When I was still in my sabbatical and traveling, I got the opportunity via a friend to support a start-up in growing and developing new businesses. I took the chance and started working for them as a freelancer as I wanted to keep certain freedom and flexibility.

What's the one piece of career advice you have for anyone interested in following your footsteps?

Have some savings to use for a peace of mind. And then try it out. Worst case you change route again.

What's your number one productivity hack / when or how are you most effective?

I personally need a work environment space where it is calm and quiet. And then of course the usual, I am most focused and efficient after a good night sleep and before lunch (morning hours).

What makes you gracefullyBOLD?

To go my own way, to try things out, to get out of my comfort zone.

How do you spend your weekend or downtimes?

I try to balance time with friends and time alone. I love dancing and yoga as my mind gets calm while my body is moving.

How do you deal with stress and build resilience?

I acknowledge it and ask myself why I am stressed and how I can change it. Depending on the situation or reason, I push through for a certain while or try to take enough me-time and say more often NO.

What would have been your alternative career path or alternative University degree?

I still can see many possible career paths for me, and I am curious what the future will bring.

Alternatively, I probably would have studied engineering or psychology.

Who is a female professional that inspired you along your career journey? What did she do / say / or what are the character traits and professional skills she uses.

My first boss was very inspiring as she was always positive, ambitious and had a great knowledge and sensitivity for people and their skills. She pushed but also supported everybody in a balanced way. Moreover, she stood up for her opinion and her team to make things better and bigger.

If you could time-travel and meet any leader, who/where would that be?

Cleopatra, because she had great power and influence back in her time and I wonder how her aura and charisma must have been like.

What's the last thing you learnt?

Using Canva and WordPress

What's the one thing you'd do if you were not afraid?

Skydive (maybe I will challenge my fear one day)

The one question we didn't ask you but you'd like to answer?

Question: "What to consider when combining travel and work?"

Answer: I think it is important to stay in one place longer (1 month+) to establish a routine to be able to focus on work as much as enjoying the new destination. Travels can be quite exhausting, so it is important to consider enough rest instead of rushing around. Moreover, the time zone can be important and challenging depending on the job.

One word answers & quick fire round. Let's go!

  • Your superpower: Communication

  • Favourite restaurant: too many

  • Favourite beauty product: Argan Oil

  • Favourite perfume: Eau so fresh from Marc Jacobs

  • Book recommendation: 'Letting Go - the pathway of surrender' by David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D.

  • Next holiday destination: India

  • Your hobby: Dancing and Yoga

  • What's your mantra? "Poco a poco." (little by little) 🐢

  • Who inspires you: People with a warm heart and people who dream big

  • Tea or Coffee: Coffee

  • Red wine or White wine: I don't drink

  • Morning bird or Night owl: Night Owl

  • Cat person or Dog person: Cat person

Thank you Marie-Theres for sharing your journey & wisdom with us!

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